Check your carpark ticket

I wish to draw Council’s attention to what I believe is a breach of operating conditions at the caparkWestfield Car Park entry in Anderson St (it may well apply to all entrances).

On a number of occasions I have noticed that the time entry imprint on the parking docket is some 5-6 minutes behind the time shown on my phone and Eastern Standard time as found on the Internet.
he outcome from such a situation is if one notes their entry time from their time source when they exit they may be charged more than expected. e.g enter at 10AM by your time exit at 11:58AM the ticket would show entry as 9:55 and expiry of 2 hours s 11:55. You get slugged for 1/2 overstay. The same principle applies if your card is validated for a third hour and you exit just prior.
A second implication relates to the ‘No charge after 6PM” policy. Again enter at what is one minute past six, the ticket show 5:55PM. You get slugged on exit. Also, perhaps more concerning, if you do happen to notice the time on the ticket, you need to circle around in the carpar, exit the park, wait outside for a few minutes before re-entering the park – hardly a sustainable principle.
I have raised this issue with Westpac on a number of occasions. They maintain that they are on standard time (maybe their ‘standard time’ is one that all carpark operators agree on to apparently allow them to rip-off the public’.
PS. I have also checked the Chatswood Chase entry in Victoria Avenue and it has a similar discrepancy.
Can Council, as the owner of the Westfield carpark and as the regulatory authority please remedy this situation?

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