ImagineMe Art Exhibition

imaginemeImagine Me is an innovative creative awareness-raising project for people who are living with a spinal cord injury. We aim to foster greater community understanding toward people living with disability.


Imagine me has been invited by Willoughby Council to exhibit all the works at the new gallery space  BLEND Coffee, Art, Food Café, 7 Victor Street Chatswood

The Exhibition runs to 30th June, Mon-Friday 8.30am – 9pm and Saturday 11am-3pm.

Thanks are due to Willoughby City Council, Royal Rehab Ryde, and staff at the Dougherty for the triumphant launch of the ImagineMe exhibition at the Dougherty Centre Cafe & Gallery space today.

Clr. Saville reports that “some months ago she was listening to Radio National when she heard the familiar voice of Chatswood resident Mark Tonga discussing  the photography exhibition, ImagineMe. ImagineMe allows people to tell their stories with photographs assisted by computerised images, guided by an experienced photographer. So I was very keen to see the exhibition today (1st May)!

The artists’ images, and stories, capture their dreams, loves, memories and unfolding realities in very moving ways. It is hoped these inspiring images and stories find their way to wider audiences. In the meantime you are encouraged to visit and be inspired.

Thanks to Clr. Saville for promoting this fascinating event (Editor).

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