AFL v The Dogs

Recently a problem has emerged with the shared use of the O H Reid Oval in Chatswood West.


For decades this oval has work very well with all sorts of sports (soccer, cricket etc.) sharing the space. The sporting groups leave enough room around the perimeter of the playing area for dog owners to exercise their pets.

Recently, schoolboy AFL players from a private school hired the oval for the season. They have insisted on commandeering the whole of the oval area, telling dog-owners that they have an exclusive right.

Local dog owners have met with Mayor Giles-Gidney who is taking the matter up with the General Manager.

It is hoped that common sense will prevail with a return to the shared use model that has worked for years.

AS an aside, it has been suggested that another off-leash park be established on the Greville Street Oval. This will likely be part of a city-wide review of off-leash areas.


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