Pedestrian Countdown Timers

countdowntimersOver the past couple of months the RMS has been trialling pedestrian countdown timers as an alternative for the ‘flashing red man’ at intersections including the corner of Archer St and Victoria Avenue.

A vigilant resident pieced together the following information:

A response from Council on the status of the timers is included in the Comments section of this page.

I am just wondering if you have seen these two articles:

In summary of the articles, the intersection of Victoria and Archer Street’s currently have countdown timer’s installed for pedestrians. The SMH article says that they are going to remove these timers (as Victoria&Archer Street is not on the list).  I think the timers make the intersection safer and I don’t know why they are being removed?

Not sure if the traffic committee has any influence on the removal of the timers?  Also, not sure if the traffic committee has any other data to support the removal of the countdown timers?

I think the countdown timers are good, so unless there is data to support removing the countdown timers at this intersection, it would be good if the traffic committee could try and get the countdown timer to stay at the intersection.


2 thoughts on “Pedestrian Countdown Timers

  1. Council Officers responded:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this. I’ve been waiting to find out how long we would keep the countdown timers for and was surprised at the SMH article. I contacted RMS yesterday to see about the status of Victoria and Archer and have had a response this morning. “PCT (Pedestrian Countdown Timers)at Chatswood will be remaining. As she surmises, the list on the website is new introductions only. 2 of the 6 sites from the trial will keep their PCTs – Chatswood and Market/Elizabeth in Sydney.”

    So good news for us however it looks like we have little chance of getting the timers onto other intersections as they seem only to be going onto the “scramble” crossings ie those where all traffic stops for pedestrians and they can then cross in any direction.

    Thanks again for spotting this and sending it through.

  2. It’s amazing how long it’s taken for countdown timers to be installed. I saw these overseas years ago and thought they were a fantastic idea.

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