Staff redundancies

This story is courtesy of the Northbridge Progress Association’s Newsletter – the 202.

By Debra Just, General Manager, Willoughby City Council

A comparison between Willoughby City Council and other councils in Sydney has indicated a significant over-representation of Director and Manager roles within the current structure, thereby adding unnecessary costs to ratepayers. In addition, the changing nature of local government, together with the State Government’s reform agenda, requires new skills currently not represented in the organisation. The recent review and resulting restructure has also sought to clearly identify responsibility for delivering community outcomes. In addition to the new General Manager’s observations, the restructure also drew upon work commenced approximately 18 months ago. Staff whose roles were made redundant were provided with a range of options including employment into new roles.

The outcome of this process was to:

• Save $2 million per annum;

• Reduce 29 Directors’ and Managers’ roles to 19 positions (some of whom are continuing to contribute to Willoughby in new roles) to bring Willoughby into alignment with other councils;

• Create new roles in the required skills of continuous improvement, project and risk management;

• Establish 3 Directorates with responsibility for the outcomes of “place making”, “community” and “customers”.

Editor’s note: A disappointing aspect of these redundancies was that the community was not provided with an opportunity to thank many long-term staff for their contributions to Willoughby City.


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