Mandarin Centre Redevelopment


The Mandarin Centre Redevelopment Planning Proposal is long and complex. You can read the full report: 9.5 Planning Proposal 2013-4 – 65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood (Mandarin Centre) – 1 of 2 (1)

Below is the part of the Conclusion from the Report.

The Planning Proposal for the mixed use development of the land Lots 1, 2 and 3 DP1035379 and Lots 41 and 42 DP 1150370 at 65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood, and the Concept design is generally supported subject to a number of areas of concern being adequately addressed.

The additional use of shop top housing on the site is consistent with the priority for Chatswood, identified as a strategic centre in ‗A Plan for Growing Sydney‘, and is supported in this case. In addition the footprint of the two towers above the Podium and the height of the Eastern and Western Towers are generally supported subject to floor space concerns and compliance with SEPP 65. The lower Western Tower and elliptical shaped Eastern Tower are considered acceptable solutions in maximising views and minimising adverse privacy impacts on the neighbouring properties.

The proposed floor space ratio is an issue because there is concern that the floor space proposed is unable to be located within the building foot prints and envelopes shown in the Concept design. Furthermore it is noted that the Concept does not comply with the building separation requirements of SEPP 65 and the accompanying Apartment Design Code.

It is recommended that the Planning Proposal have a floor space ratio of 8.65:1 excluding affordable housing with shop top housing not exceeding 4.42:1, and a commercial component not being less than 4.23:1. The reduction in the residential component from 6:1 to 4.42:1 results in the loss of approximately 50 residential units. The commercial component of 4.23:1 is slightly lower than the 4.5:1 as discussed in 5 May 2014 Council report, however this is considered acceptable as discussed in the report.


One thought on “Mandarin Centre Redevelopment

  1. From a local resident:

    Councillors Saville, Stevens and Hooper

    I have just heard you were able to stop the Mandarin Centre high rise proposal last night (I recall Clr Hooper had circulated some photos some weeks ago which I circulated).

    Congratulations and thank you. Please keep working together to stop the seemingly inevitable capitulation to high-rise and loss of amenity to Chatswood. Although the majority once again remains silent and preoccupied paying their mortgages, surely there can be no doubt that majority is firmly against the appalling overdevelopment of our City (and greater Sydney).

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