815 Pacific Highway, Chatswood

HighRiseDemolitionA Planning Proposal has been lodged for this site. The site covers property between McIntosh Street and Help Street. There is a thirteen storey building on the corner of Help St and the Pacific Highway (The building with the external lift).

The planning proposal advises the objective is to provide shop-top housing on the site in
addition to the existing permissible uses on the site. This will require demolition of the existing building on the site.

To my knowledge, this is the first proposal within Willoughby City to propose the demolition of a high rise building. The building dates back to c.1960s, so over 50 years old. However, it looks to be in good condition.

The Council Officers did not support the application for the following reasons in summary:
1. Excessive increase in height and floor space on an edge site in Chatswood CBD.
2. Shadowing impacts on the residential areas to the west and on the passive open
space plaza areas within Chatswood CBD.
3. The application does not adequately demonstrate significant growth in business
services and jobs.
4. The application does not adequately deal with the traffic impacts.

5. The application is not sufficiently consistent with A Plan for Growing Sydney and
other strategic planning documents.
6. The application has not addressed the precedent of the proposal and its implications
for the future of Chatswood as a compact and dynamic CBD.
7. The application has not adequately demonstrated any net community benefit for the

COUNCIL resolved not to support the proposal.


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