What’s in a name ?

The NSW Government has announced its intention to forcibly amalgamate Willoughby and North Sydney Councils. This begs the question: What will the new merged Council be called.

It could be the Willoughby-North Sydney Council or the North-Sydney Willoughby Council. Both these options seem a tad messy.

Willoughby Council : Willoughby is a far older Council than North Sydney. The original Parish of Willoughby encompassed bot the current Council areas. However, the majority of people currently have no idea where Willoughby is (unlike say Chatswood).

North Sydney Council: The original Township of North Sydney was wholly within the current Willoughby area.

St Leonards Council: The St Leonards CBD is currently split between Willoughby, North Sydney (and Lane Cove Councils. It is toward the middle of the amalgamated area.

Cammeraygal Council: Both Willoughby and Noprth Sydney Councils are on Cammeraygal land. However, it might be unusual to name a Council area after it original owners.

North Shore Council or Lower North Shore Council: Whilst both Willoughby and North Sydney are part of the North shore they really represent only the Lower North Shore.

A less compromised name could be Northern Shore Council.

If you have any further suggestions for a name for the new Council, please leave your comments below.

City Council, Municipal Council or Council ?

Willoughby is termed a City Council. North Sydney is known simply as Council.

From a branding perspective the smaller the number of words the better.


One thought on “What’s in a name ?

  1. Pacific City Council
    (Since the 1970s commercial development between North Sydney & Chatswood has occurred mainly along Pacific Highway.)

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