Blasts from the past

We recently cam across the following. Progress Associations have been around for a ling time championing the interest of local communities.

Sydney Morning Herald, 6th February 1915 p.20

25th January. 1915

A DEMONSTRATION OF PROTEST, under the auspices pf the ChatswoodWilloughby Progress Association, against continued flouting by the Willoughby Council of definitely expressed wishes of the Ratepayers in regard to the rating and management of Municipal affairs, will be made in the TOWN HALL, CHATSWOOD, on MONDAY, 8th FEBRUARY, Chair at 8 p.m.

The Ratepayer are urged to attend the meeting in full force to confirm the enthusiastically proclaimed unanimous decision of the large and thoroughly representative gathering of the 13th January, which declared “that the Council does not retain the confidence of the Ratepayers, and that it becomes the duty of the Aldermen to resign their seats forthwith.*’

Rally to the standard of public duty, and attain the victory that awaits you of the triumph of right over wrong by intelligent assertion of your authority and power.


Hon. Secretary.

Sydney Morning Herald, 6th February 1915 p.20



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