Amalgamation Public Meeting

Council to hold Public Meeting on Mosman, North Sydney and Willoughby Merger Proposal

 PublicMeetingWilloughby City Council is inviting residents to express their views on the State Government’s Mosman, North Sydney and Willoughby merger proposal at a public meeting from 4pm – 5.45pm on Monday 21 March, 2016 in the Council Chambers at 31 Victor Street, Chatswood. Speakers will be required to register on arrival.

Council will listen to views expressed at the public meeting to assist with its preparation of a submission to the Delegate, Ian Reynolds, as part of the Public Inquiry into the merger proposal. This meeting is separate from the formal Public Inquiry meeting being conducted by the Delegate.

Council will finalise its submission on the Mosman, North Sydney and Willoughby merger proposal at the Council Meeting of Tuesday 29 April, 2016.

Public Inquiry

The merger proposal for Mosman, North Sydney and Willoughby councils is in addition to a previous proposal for Willoughby and North Sydney Councils only, and therefore a separate Public Inquiry for this new three-Council merger proposal must be conducted.

Community members who wish to make a formal submission must do so by:

1)       Attending the Delegate-run Public Inquiry

  • 5pm – 10pm, Tuesday 22 March 2016 at The Chatswood Club, 11 Help Street, Chatswood
  • 5pm – 10pm, Wednesday 23 March 2016 at The Mosman Club, 719 Military Road, Mosman

2)       Making a submission online at the Council Boundary Review website The closing date for submissions is 8 April 2016.

As this is a new and separate process, previous submissions on the North Sydney and Willoughby merger proposal will not be considered for this new proposal.

For further information on the public meetings, submission process, and topics relevant to the consideration of merger proposals, please



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