Selling Chatswood Golf Club

As hasChatswood Golf Club occurred a number of times since its inception, Chatswood Golf Club is proposing to sell some of its land.

NOTE: This article is being continuously updated as new information comes to hand.

On the 6th June 2016 at 7PM the golf club is seeking their member’s approval to sell a large Chatswood Golf Course Redevelopment Planportion of their land as shown in the accompanying diagram. This land includes their carpark and clubhouse. Members have been told that the Club wants to sell the land to ‘Watermark‘ for the purpose of constructing ‘seniors living apartments‘. It also appears that as part of the development the Club would gain a new clubhouse with underground parking.

There is no information as to the scale and density of the new residential development. This would be subject to a separate development proposal. With the pending dismissal of Willoughby Council, it is unclear as to who would assess such an application.

Details about the proposal can be found at Briefing 6  and Notice of Meeting

The proposed development is likely to pose a number of concerns for nearby residents including: increased traffic in Beaconsfield Rd; overlooking onto residential properties and loss of privacy and other impacts.


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2 thoughts on “Selling Chatswood Golf Club

  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to register my horror at the idea of the Chatswood Golf Club being sold off for Seniors Living Apartments.

    The Golf Club is part of where the community meets socially. The area is naturally beautiful and should be preserved for all to be able to enjoy.

    Why can’t the Council help the Club out of their financial difficulties? Surely there is some part of the council budget that could be allocated from parks.

    Every few years more and more of the lovely parks and clubs that have made this area a beautiful place to live are being eaten up by greedy developers and the council does nothing.

    What a shame.

  2. From a resident:

    Can I assume that the Chatswood Golf Club has carefully examined the option of charging all existing members and players higher fees for play?

    For a dead end street, Beaconsfield Road carries surprising traffic brought about largely by high levels of resident car ownership. The existing slow points are now largely superfluous as there is considerable street parking making the road effectively single lane and complicating bus movements, particularly on Thursdays.

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