Special Event

BPNThe Better Planning Network is holding a special event on Origin night this week. Hopefully there will be a summary of what was said.


A REMINDER:  Special event at Parliament, Wednesday, 1 June at 6pm.

In 2011, the Coalition government came into power on the promise of returning planning to local communities. However since then the government has steadfastly introduced changes that fast-track development and dilute community engagement. In addition, the government has established the Greater Sydney Commission and more recently made changes to local government.

In response, we invite you to join us at the next BPN Planning Event, when we hear Sarah Hill, the new CEO at the Greater Sydney Commission’s, explain their role and how community engagement will be managed.  We have also invited a panel of eminent experts to join Ms Hill for a panel discussion, with the opportunity for questions from the audience.

In addition, the Minister and executive staff from the Department of Planning have been invited to attend the event, so they can hear the conversation.

As part of the event, Ms Hill will also discuss the commission’s work underway – including the preparation of six draft District Plans for the Greater Sydney region (previously Regional Plans). The plans are required to be exhibited by late January, 2017 with a subsequent review of Sydney’s Metropolitan plan in 2017. Once finalised, the plans are intended to inform changes to local planning controls.

We’ll also provide an update about the government’s plans to change the EP & A Act which legislation is intended to be introduced into the spring parliament. This includes a number of aspects from the Planning Bill 2013 and other amendments, however is not proposed to change the definition for Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD).

Tickets to BPN‘s special event are free, however as seating is limited, reservations are essential. As seats are filling up fast, reserve your ticket ASAP using the eventbrite link above.

As the legislative changes also impact rural and regional areas, members and affiliate groups outside the Sydney basin are also invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you.


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