DRAFT Metro City Submission

We will lodge the following submission in a couple of weeks time with RailNSW on the METRO City proposal. At the end of the submission are questions that were posed by members and answers provided by RailNSW. If you have comments or queries please contact terry.fogarty2@gmail.com







Chatswood West Ward Progress Association Inc.

Application Number SSI 15_7400


This submission is made on behalf of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association Inc.

by Terry Fogarty

Secretary, Chatswood West Ward Progress Association Inc.

c/ 73 Greville Street Chatswood, NSW 2067

Attention: Director, Infrastructure Projects

Email: plan_comment@planning.nsw.gov.au


The Chatswood West Ward Progress Association was established in 1929 to protect the living amenity of persons living within the West Ward of Willoughby Council. The West Ward of Willoughby extends generally from Epping Rd in the west; Archer St in the east; Mowbray Rd/Mowbray Rd West in the south and Boundary St/Blue Gum Creek to the north. As such our comments relate primarily to the Chatswood Dive site and tunnel area.


In general, our members have expressed qualified acceptance of the Sydney Metro. However, there a number of current concerns both with the construction phase as well as the operational phase of the project.


The issues are presented generally in the order of the EIS. The order does not imply relevance or seriousness.


For many years, Sydney’s transport network consisted predominately of heavy rail trains and buses. Even then, achieving effective interchanges between the two modes was difficult. Now, in addition, we have the Sydney Light Rail and the new Metro network. This increases the complexity of interchanges.

We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that the new Metro be seamlessly integrated into Sydney’s public transport network. In particular, of utmost importance is that minimum time is required when interchanging with other modes of public transport. Equally important is the need for appropriate integration of the OPAL system across all systems.


The EIS proposes development above the new stations. However, Chatswood station is not mentioned (presumably as it is part of the METRO NORTH project. We understand that over station will be subject to a separate planning approval process, It is unclear how any future development of the Chatswood dive site may evolve. However, this is of considerable concern to our members.

  • due to the nearness of local heritage items and existing problems with traffic at the intersection of Mowbray Rd and the Pacific Highway, we are OPPOSED TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOW RISE REDEVELOPMENT OF THE DIVE/CONSTRUCTION SITE.


We understand that the decision of where the new electricity cable to power the Metro should run is separate to issues canvassed in this EIS. However,



We understand that operational access to the site will be from the southern side of Nelson Street and the northern side of Mowbray Rd.

  • of particular concern is the impact of increased traffic in Nelson St. As such, we request that as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL there be no ingress/egress from the site via Nelson St and that a new access point be established on the eastern side of the Pacific Highway by way of a ‘slip lane’


The removal of the Nelson Street bridge directly impacts a number of residents and others who use the current bridge to access Orchard Rd.

  • we request, as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL, that as a minimum the Nelson Street bridge be replaced or as a minimum with a predestrian/cycle overpass either at Nelson street or at Gordon Avenue.

 we request, as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL, that consideration be given to replacing he Nelson Street bridge with a traffic bridge linking Gordon St to Orchard Road


The removal of the Nelson St bridge dramatically reduces the opportunity for Nelosn St residents to enter their properties. Currently, travelling northbound, a Nelson St resident can turn right off the Highway in Mowbray Rd, left into Orchard St and left into Nelson St. With the removal of the bridge this will no longer be possible.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a set of traffic lights with a right turn arrow northbound be installed on the Pacific Highway at Nelson St.

With the loss of access to Orchard Rd, the only egress from Nelson St will be via a left turn onto the Pacific Highway southbound. The traffic ‘tail’ from Mowbray Rd often extends beyond Nelson St.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a “Do not queue across intersection (and supporting KEEP CLEAR and road hatching’ be implemented at the intersection of Nelson and the Highway.

  Nelson St residents require unrestricted vehicle access to their property

  •  We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that Nelson St residents are assured of unrestricted vehicle access to their properties.

 No reduction of parkingin Nelson Street?

 We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that the proponents be required to present a Traffic Control Plan to the ‘Willoughby’ Traffic Committee and that residents be invited to be present when the plan is being considered.

 Resident parking scheme in Nelson Street

 We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a resident parking scheme be implemented in in Nelson St.

 Restricting trades vehicles

 We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL we request that trades vehicles be restricted from parking in the vicinity of the site (on the basis that the proponent implement a ‘park & ride’ option from a remote location.

 It is reported that contractors MAY CONSIDER’ ‘park & shuttle’ services to transfer workers to and from the site. Problems (particularly parking) with site workers occur on every major construction site.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that an off-site parking park & shuttle arrangement be required.


“T1 used for spoil transport on this line would more than likely impact passenger rail operations”

It is apparent from the above statement that only cursory consideration has been given to the use of the T1 permanent way for the removal of spoil and other construction needs.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL we request that a full analysis be undertaken on the use of the T1 line for the removal of soil and other construction matters.


 New right-hand turn on Pacific Highway

Currently, traffic heading southbound on the Pacific Highway seeking to turn right onto Mowbray Rd West are directed to turn left onto Nelson Street, right onto Orchard Road then right onto Mowbray Rd to progress across the Pacific Highway onto Mowbray Rd West. The removal of the Nelson St Bridge will result in the need for right turn lanes (south-bound) for traffic needing to get onto Mowbray Rd West. Originally there was talk of two right turn lanes. The EIS mentions just a single lane.

The concern of providing a right-hand turn bay at this location is that it may attract traffic that currently progress to Epping to turn right off the Pacific Highway, thus putting more strain on an already choked Mowbray Rd West.

There appears to be general acceptance of a single right turn land.

 Why was the prior proposal for dual right-turn lanes on the Pacific Highway southbound withdrawn?

We would welcome a response to this question.

Gordon St Bridge?

An  alternative to the right-turn bay on the Pacific Highway could be to replace the Nelson St Bridge with a bridge at Gordon Avenue.

Use of Albert Avenue for a ‘hook turn’

Again as an alternative to Pacific Highway right-turn lanes could be a new ‘hook turn’ utilizing Albert Avenue and Orchard Rd


Access to the site will be from the centre of Nelson Street and Mowbray Rd. Egress will be from Mowbray Rd. Spoil haul trucks will need to turn right onto Mowbray Rd then right at the Pacific Highway. There will be a new set of traffic lights at the intersection of Hampden Rd and Mowbray Rd opposite the egress point to the site. This will facilitate the planned right-hand turns from the site onto Mowbray Rd.

Why can’t traffic enter the site via a southbound slip lane on the Pacific Highway before Mowbray Rd?

  •  We request that as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL the proponent be required to provide primary access to the site via a slip lane *built on the subject land) from the Pacific Highway southbound.


We understand that existing noise barriers will be increased in height to about 4 metres Chapman Avenue/Nelson St, Frank Channon Walk, Nelson/Gordon Sts. A 2 metre barrier will also be built to the south of Mowbray Rd on the western side of the line.

  •  We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that noise barriers (including temporary barriers) be considered for all properties likely to be effected by noise both during construction and when operational.

 We understand that on the T1 rail bridge the upper parts of the rail carriage might extend 1 ½ metres above the noise barrier. There is potential for noise emanating from the interface of the power frame above the carriage and the overhead power cables.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that noise barriers be implemented to ameliorate all nuisance noise associated with the operation of both the T1 and METRO systems.


 Demolition & excavation

The proposed hours of Monday to Friday 7AM to 6 PM & Saturday 8AM to 1 PM are not standard hours. All other work 24 hours a day.

  •  We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that worksite hours should be the standard 7AM to 5PM M-F and 8AM to 1PM Saturday.

Truck movements

Planned truck movement re quite high (Demolition: 96 per day plus 78 light vehicles; Excavation: 234 per fay plus 248 light vehicles; Tunnel excavation: 286 per day and 248 light vehicle; Tunnel fit out: 254 per day and 248 light vehicles).

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that consideration be given to upgrading the T! line to freight capability to be used for spoil removal.


The heritage-listed Mowbray House School site is shown (hatched) on the construction site diagram. It is proposed to retain the building. However, archival recording and reporting will be undertaken before works starts

 Mowbray House: Direct impact: Minor (physical impact). 􀂃 Potential direct impact: Minor (vibration) – the closest façade of this item would experience vibration above the 7.5mm/s screening level for cosmetic damage. 􀂃 Indirect impact: Minor (views and vistas) 

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that steps are undertaken to protect Mowbray House from potential vibration damage. 
  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that dilapidation reports be prepared all Heritage items and residential building around the site. 
  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that any building damaged during the construction of the project will be repaired to its prior condition. 
  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a copy of dilapidation reports on all Heritage items be given to the Willoughby/Lower North Shore Council and the Willoughby District Historical Society?


 Frank Channon Walk

It is proposed to extend Frank Channon Walk to Mowbray Road. During construction, there will be short-term (weekend closures). 

Can this extension include a one-way traffic thoroughfare from Nelson St to Mowbray Rd? 

It appears residents are looking for an alternate access to turn left onto Mowbray Rd rather than battle the traffic on the Highway. However, the primary purpose of support for the extension of Frank Channon walk has been as a pedestrian/cycle route.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF CONSENT that consideration be given to including a one-way eastbound car lane running parallel to the extended Frank Channon Walk between Nelson St and Mowbray Rd. 


Trees will be removed within the rail corridor between Nelson St and Mowbray Rd We understand that the proponent prefers to utilize an ‘Offsets Program’ rather than replacement of trees.

  • We request as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that at least a 2 for 1 tree replacement program be required.



 Where exactly on this map is the rail-bridge to be located? This provides a grade separation between the existing tracks and the new Metro tracks?

 Directly above the dive site. Refer p.44


Proposed change to phasing of lights. What do the changes entail?

 We understand that specific details will determined when the project is operational.

There will be noise barriers along the rail corridor. Why?

Noise and vibration emanating from the project will come primarily from the construction site and from within the rail corridor. It may arise that in addition to any permanent noise barriers protecting surrounding buildings from operational noise that temporary barriers may be need during the construction phase.

Will the 2 extra tracks (Metro) increase the train noise level?

 Frequency of trains will have increased and it is probable that noise will increase.

Where exactly is the pile driving (very noisy) to support the sides of the cutting within rail-corridor?

This will occur within the rail corridor under the proposed location of the rail bridge that will be built to carry the T1 Northern line over the Metro tracks.

 What type of 24 hr work might pose a nuisance?

 There will be a variety of work carried out on the site. In attempt to ameliorate the impact of these works a large Acoustic Shed will be constructed. See table for assessed noise impacts.



  1. Bus stops

Temporary re-location of the 575 bus stop on Pacific Highway (between Bryson and Mowbray Rds)

 We understand this will be determined later in the project.

 Q: Where exactly will the excavation start for the inclined ramp down to the “dive”? – at the existing train parking bay located between the inbound & outbound tracks

Roughly between Hopetoun and Chapman Avenues.

 Q:  Will the rail corridor be widened north of Nelson St. If so, how wide?

No. All new works are within the existing rail corridor.


 Has a traffic study been undertaking on the impact. What was the outcome?

 Yes. See below.


The above table summarises the project impact of the development on traffic in the area. The biggest predicted impact id at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road, particularly in the afternoon peak.

 What is the destination for spoil?

 We understand that the specific location of the spoil sites will not be known until after the project has commenced. We also understand that it is standard planning practice to remove spoil by the closest arterial road (in this case the Pacific Highway).

 Could an alternate haul rout be considered that does not require trucks to cross Mowbray Rd?

 Whilst such an option could be considered it is contrary to the practice of taking spoil out by the closest arterial road.


9 thoughts on “DRAFT Metro City Submission

  1. From a Nelson St resident:

    These my submissions:

    1. The Site Transportation must Not use Nelson st to have access to Pacific Highway. The site transportation can access to
    the site via the existing entrance in Nelson St on the northern end just after Nelson Bridge. That a barrier be erected
    after the existing entrance. Please see attached map.

    2 Nelson St will be for used of the resident only. No parking allowed on both sides from 24hrs, except with resident permit and short term
    for delivery vehicles during the day. Nelson St must be used for all day parking for those who work at the site

    3. No trees or vegetation currently exists on either side of Nelson st be removed

    4. The foot paths on both sides must also be preserved

    5. A sound proof barrier be erected on the northern side of Nelson st, at least few meters from the current footpath

    6. A temporary bridge be erected to link traffic & pedestrian from Gordon St to Orchard Road, for light vehicles only

    7. I support that as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a set of traffic lights with a right turn arrow northbound be installed
    on the Pacific Highway at Nelson St.

    8. I support that as a CONDITION OF APPROVAL that a “Do not queue across intersection (and supporting KEEP CLEAR
    and road hatching’ be implemented at the intersection of Nelson and the Highway.

    9. A right hand turn lane into Mowbray St for southbound traffic.

    10. A traffic light (see attached map) be installed for resident of Nelson st to turn right northbound into Pacific Highway as well turn left into
    Pacific Highway southbound. This will allow resident of Nelson St an easier access to Chatswood CBD
    This will also make it easier for Nelson resident to access turning right into Mowbray St southbound (point 9 above)

  2. Jim McCredie pines:

    Another minor condition occurred to me.

    On page 5 Other matters You could add: suggest a CONDITION that:
    A landscape master plan be prepared for tree planting and gardening,
    to mark the formal entrance to Chatswood on completion of railway construction, and subsequent maintenance (weeding, and watering in dry spells) to create a “Garden Suburb” for arrivals by both train and car. This landscape should be maintained at ,least for the duration of work on the block after the completion of rail construction.

    Chatswood experienced the slovenly conditions around the “Girvan Connection Hole” waiting for the next building boom, and problems with plantings on the embankment south of Boundary Street.

    The Bowling and Croquet fields adjoining the site have to fight the invasion of weeds from the railway property. The quality of these grass surfaces are exceptional and critical for their use in competitive tournaments..

  3. An Artramon activist opines:

    In my view, metro site access can only be left-in/Left-out on Mowbray Road. Left-in/Left-out on Pac Hwy without traffic lights is no possible for large trucks.

    If Metro site traffic has a lot of trucks that need to go north on the Pacific Hwy, the only realistic option is a set of traffic lights at Pac Hwy/Nelson St intersection for the duration of Metro construction.

    The EIS traffic report talked about site access at the Mowbray Rd-Hampden Rd intersection. The heritage listed Mowbray House sits partially across this access point. The distance between heritage listed Mowbray House and the dive structure is only about 15 metres. This is not adequate for a main entrance used by thousands of trucks. It will interfere with construction and shake Mowbray House apart.

    The level of service for the Mowbray Rd – Pacific Hwy intersection is rated ‘F’ – saturated in peak hours. Traffic on Mowbray Rd is a major part of the issue.

    • To Artarmon activist from another activist:
      Trucks being able to “shake Mowbray House apart” is an issue not only for Mowbray House, but is also an issue for about 60 residences in Nelson Street, many of them having cracks from vibrations coming from the rail-corridor

  4. Re 1: “Noise barriers” don’t lessen vibration noise impacts
    To mitigate noise, I recommend using dampers instead of concrete slabs under tracks.*
    Metro should also pay for installation of soundproofing for windows & doors of residences adjoining the Ausgrid dive site.
    “Noise barriers”, proposed by CWWPA, will not reduce vibration or ground-borne noise, although they may lessen air-borne noise.
    Noise exceedances will be in excess of 20dB for 9 Nelson St/2Gordon Ave & also 1-3 Gordon Ave, according to:
    EIS Appendix F, “Construction Ground-borne Noise Predictions” (Report 610.14718R1 of 4.4.2015).
    Source: Sydney Metro C2S EIS Technical Paper 2 Noise & Vibration Appendix F.
    *ECRL noise level was explained by the Sydney Morning Herald on 23 October 2008: “It is believed the noise problems are a result of the tunnel’s design. Instead of sleepers and ballast under the tracks, the rails are laid on a concrete slab in the centre of a smooth concrete cylinder.”

    Re 2: “dilapidation” reports
    These reports won’t measure previous vibration impacts.

    • We will support installation of dampers in addition to noise barriers.

      If there is a better approach than delapidations reports, let us know. Basically a delapidation report documents the condition of the building prior to work commencing so that any damage from new works can clearly be seen.

  5. Re: Proposed traffic bridge from Gordon Ave to Hopetoun Ave replacing Nelson St Bridge
    Can this proposed traffic bridge be constructed:
    *Over the top of the covered dive structure to be built between the two North Shore tracks: covered from Gordon Ave to the Ausgrid Dive site entrance?
    *From Gordon Ave side when the tracks here will be slewed 3m further west & the retaining wall being built adjoining the Frank Channon Walkway?
    *When Metro proposes closing the Hopetoun Ave entrance to the rail-corridor?

  6. Location of our property, vehicle & pedestrian entry of our building is directly opposite to the proposed Chatswood Dive Site on the south side of Nelson Street, Chatswood.

    After attended the information session that was held on 21 May, 2016 at Dougherty Community Centre and reviewed the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) published by Transport for NSW. Please refer to our comments below in terms of local traffic impact for your consideration to form part of the submission by ‘Chatswood West Ward Progress Association Inc.’ (CWWPA) in relation to the Sydney Metro project.
    We have other comments / concerns regarding Construction Traffic / Transport, Construction Site Planning, Operation Hours, Construction Noise & Vibration and Future Land Use in relation to the Chatswood Dive Site for the Metro project, we will forward such in coming days by separate e-mails.
    Proposed permanent closure of Nelson Street bridge:

    Proposed permanent closure of the existing bridge at Nelson Street over the railway line will have a significant impact to all existing residents on Nelson Street. Especially for those who live on the west side of the existing bridge. Not to mention other residents in Chatswood/ visitors to the area who use Nelson Street in order to by-pass the congested Albert Ave, Orchard Road & Mowbray Road intersections at peak hours during both weekdays & weekends.

    There are total 58 residential lots on Nelson Street West comprises “2 lots at No.19”, “5 lots at No.17”, “6 lots at No.15” and “45 lots at No.9-11” Nelson Street, hundreds of local residents will be affected by the proposed closure of Nelson Street bridge.
    Currently, all residents on Nelson Street West can access Orchard Road for eastbound traffic & Pacific Highway for westbound traffic on Nelson Street.
    Once the bridge closed over railway line on Nelson Street for construction of the Metro Tunnel Portal at Chatswood, residents will be forced to use Mowbray Road, Orchard Road & Albert Avenue for outgoing & incoming traffic from/ to Nelson Street West. Please refer to the ‘Traffic Impact Diagram 1’ below clearly demonstrates additional traffic added to the already congested local roads network. Please also note that all Mowbray Road, Orchard Road & Albert Avenue are heavily congested during peak hours on both weekdays & weekend.

    Therefore, the proposed permanent closure of existing bridge on Nelson Street without other alternative option for existing residents on Nelson Street West is NOT SUPPORTED.
    Request for ‘Condition(s) of Approval’ regarding Nelson Street bridge permanent closure as follow;

    Condition of Approval 1 – We fully support the proposed “Signalised” intersection by CWWPA at Nelson Street /Pacific Highway as an interim solution to address impact to local residents on Nelson Street West, to provide alternative vehicle access to/ from Nelson Street, west of the railway line.

    Such “Signalised” intersection shall allow a ‘Right Turn’ phase control for northbound traffic on Pacific Highway to Nelson Street west, also allow traffic from westbound traffic on Nelson Street onto Pacific Highway northbound & southbound lanes. Diagram 2 below illustrates such interim traffic arrangement during construction of the Metro project & closure of Nelson Street bridge for Nelson Street west residents without adding extra traffic to congested local roads network.

    Condition of Approval 2 – Consideration shall be given for the construction of a new road after completion of the Metro Tunnel Portal in Chatswood, over the ‘Dive’ structure at location similar to existing private road within the existing Ausgrid site. Please refer to Diagram 3 below;

    We understand that Frank Channon Walk would be extended from Nelson Street to Mowbray Road on the western side of the rail line according the EIS document, Section 6.9.1 on page 174. Such will enhance facility / amenity for both pedestrians & cyclists that is FULLY SUPPORTED.
    However, a new two ways local road that run parallel to the proposed Frank Channon Walk extension shall be considered for light vehicles, such will allow vehicles on Nelson Street to access Chatswood East, shopping precinct and other areas via Mowbray Road rather rely on Pacific Highway only. A ‘Signalised’ intersection at the New Road / Mowbray Road intersection to be implemented for safety moment of vehicles, pedestrians & cyclists. The proposed new road shall be restricted to light vehicles only.

    Condition of Approval 3 – All existing ‘on street parking’ provision currently on Nelson Street to be retained, residents on Nelson Street shall be given parking permit with unrestricted time limit for such ‘on street parking’.

    The proposed Metro Dive Site at Chatswood IS NOT SUPPORTED unless the above ‘Conditions of Approval’ being incorporated as part of the Determination / Approval by the Minister for Planning NSW.

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