Thanks Jim

JimMccredieChatswood West Ward Progress Association (CWWPA) President Jim McCredie has stepped down as one of our delegates on the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations (FWPA). Jim became a West Ward Delegate on the Federation when he became President of CWWPA in 1997, thus serving 19 years as a FWPA Delegate. During his time on the Federation, Jim started out as the Treasurer and subsequently became the President. He was an office-bearer for fifteen years.

Whilst on the Federation, Jim’s watching brief was the ‘big-ticket’ items (such as the Chatswood CBD) and regional complexities. He always immersed himself deeply in matters he was looking at. Reading volumes and volumes of technical reports/ One of his many abilities was then to be able to summarise a complex issue for the rest of us. He was engaged with the construction issues with the M2 and the Chatswood to Epping rail line. The Willoughby LEP and government policies and plans.

During his time as a delegate to the Federation, Jim was also the President of CWWPA, a position he still holds (although he is keen for someone else to assume the mantel.

Taking over from Jim on the Federation is our own Charles Gowing. Whilst he has some big shoes (literally) to fill we are sure that Charles will maintain Jim’s enthusiasm to work on behalf of the people of the City of Willoughby.


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