One thought on “Metro Submission

  1. Willoughby Council is calling on the Department of Planning and Environment to establish a Community Consultative Committee for the Sydney Metro – Chatswood to Sydenham project, to ensure residents directly impacted by the major infrastructure project are adequately consulted and informed.

    The request is outlined in a submission, endorsed at Monday night’s Council meeting (Monday 27 June), in response to the Department’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and concerns about the depth of community consultation to date.

    While Council supports the State Government’s commitment to building an accessible, high quality public transport system that will serve Sydney into the future, Council’s acknowledges the impact this significant infrastructure project will have on the local community.

    Council’s submission seeks to eliminate and/or manage impacts to a reasonable level during both the construction and subsequent commissioning of the project.

    In addition to community consultation, the main areas of concern include:
    The closure of Nelson Street, Chatswood due to the removal of the Nelson St bridge
    Construction and operational noise
    Construction traffic, and traffic and pedestrian safety
    Visual amenity and impacts on heritage items including Mowbray House, Chatswood

    Council’s submission asks for construction management plans for each of these areas to be presented to Council and the community so that the detailed mitigation measures can be adequately reviewed and endorsed.

    In preparing the submission, Council consulted with community groups including the Artarmon and West Chatswood Progress Associations.

    Council’s submission can be viewed at Item 18.7 on the Agenda of Monday 27 June Council meeting.

    Willoughby Council encourages residents who have concerns and queries to visit, phone 1800 171 386 (24 hour community information line), or email

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