Council community initiatives

EnvironemntalInitiativeWilloughby Council is still very active promoting environmental initiatives.

In the Chatswood Mall this week is an interactive display on environmental issues concerning plastic products. Council became involved with such issues many decades ago via its involvement with the now defunct Lane Cove River Catchment Management Committee.

Also, if you look closely at the concrete ‘seating’ inStormwaterManagement the mall you may notice the following initiative.The water flowing in the Mall is captured by the garden beds, filtered through the soil then released as ‘cleaned’ water into Scott’s Creek.

Over the next six months Council has planned a variety of community activities as outline below:

Food Swap 5-Aug
End of Solar Bonus Scheme 10-Aug
Harold Reid Mid Week Walk 11-Aug
Intro to Organic Gardening 13-Aug
Bicycle Maintenance 18-Aug
Windowsill Gardening with Microgreens 20-Aug
Preschooler walk – Explosives Reserve 24-Aug
Dream Home w Caroline Pidcock 24-Aug
Energy Expert 28-Aug
Food Swap 2-Sep
Live Well Lane at Street Fair 3-Sep
Preschooler scramble 7-Sep
Intro to climate watch 8-Sep
Sustainable House Day 11-Sep
Bushcare major day out 11-Sep
Bicycle Maintenance 15-Sep
natural Cleaning pop up in the mall 16-Sep
Spring Fest Explosives Wildflower Walk 18-Sep
Declutter 22-Sep
Spotlight walk – Explosives/ Emerge Fest 23-Sep
Bike Belles for Bike Week 24-Sep
School Holiday Bushland Adventures (5 – 12yrs) 28-Sep
School Holiday Bushland Adventures (5 – 12yrs) 29-Sep
cycling skills – Kick the Wheels 28-Sep
cycling skills – Ride Safe 28-Sep
cycling skills – Ride High 29 sept and 30 Sept
Composting and wormfarming for kids – pop up in chatswood mall – 12 noon 29-Sep
Composting and wormfarming for kids – pop up in chatswood mall – 2 -3pm  
Gardening for kids  12-1 30-Sep
Gardening for kids 2-3pm 30-Sep
Upcycling for kids – 12 noon 6-Oct
Upcycling for kids – 2pm  
Food Swap 7-Oct
Bush Foods for backyards 8-Oct
Blacktown Bushcare Exchange 9-Oct
Preschoolers Walk Warners 12-Oct
Ride to work 12-Oct
Bird Week Birdcount walk 15-Oct
Heirloom Vegetable Gardening 15-Oct
Solar and battery 19-Oct
Chemical Cleanout 22-Oct
Chemical Cleanout 23-Oct
Dream home w Caroline Pidcock 26-Oct
Spotlight Artarmon 28-Oct
Energy Expert 30-Oct
Food Swap 4-Nov
Native pollinators 5-Nov
Preschoolers Walk 9-Nov
Clothes Swap 10-Nov
Native plants 12-Nov
Fix it & BBQ 13-Nov
Bike Maintenance 17-Nov
Frog Spotlight OH Reid 18-Nov
Chillin in the Mall 24-Nov
Food Swap 2-Dec
Creatures of the night Spotlight Walk – Warners 9-Dec
Building Better Raised Garden Beds 10-Dec
Bush Christmas Artarmon 14-Dec
Chillin in the Mall 15-Dec




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