Metro South submissions

It has come our attention that it is possible that not all submissions from residents have been published on their website. This could be for a variety of reasons such as you nominated to keep your submission confidential or the Department of Planning has not received or processed your submission correctly.

You can check your submission has been processed.

If your submission has not been processed, please advise the Department of Planning.


One thought on “Metro South submissions

  1. From a resident:

    Metro Management,
    We are telling you herein what is “feasible and reasonable” to coin your own often repeated phrase in the 10,000 pages of shit you provided, in respect of our block which is severely and unreasonably to be impacted by the original, and more so by the revised works methodology of using Gordon Avenue as a major work site.

    We will be held prisoners for 3 -4 years surrounded at zero distance boundary by excessive severe visual rape, construction traffic, movement restrictions and continuous high construction noise, with an ultimate outcome of n=more operational noise and access restrictions.

    You will pay the residents / owners of 1-3 Gordon Avenue the full commercial value of their properties with incentives to relocate, including full legal and financial costs, and zero stamp duty.

    The values will be determined by registered commercial real estate valuers and agreed with each owner, to be not less than total $15M.

    This process will be commenced immediately and completed before any works start in Gordon Avenue.

    The revised works are grossly unacceptable to us, unfair, illegal and we will fight you if you do not immediately concede that due compensation is required without ******** around.

    If you want a civil war on your own doorstep and the site, continue with your arrogant and oppressive attitude that we are just ******* victims without any rights. Come and meet with us on site with an appropriate attitude and we will be happy to work with you for the greater good of the NSW community.

    The next time one of you turns up or calls and says “I am just the messenger – don’t get angry with me” you will not appreciate the response, but you should clearly expect it.

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