OHReid Oval

Dog off leashIn August 2015, the Mayor met with local dog walking residents at the oval to resolve their concerns about sharing oval space with the afternoon sportsfield hirers.

At the time , the field was booked for 2 afternoons a week, at 3.45pm- 5pm for AFL Schools program. The Schools use ceased that month as it was the end of the Winter Sports season.

As a follow up to the residents meeting, we received a request from which included the following suggestion: “For groups who use the entire field, a white line circle will be painted on the oval to clearly mark the hired space and the perimeter space for dog owners.  The distance was not discussed however we suggest a space of about 10 metres”.

The request for the same OHReid Oval booking by the AFL NSW School Program was received for Winter 2016, and has been booked in for the season finishing in August 2016.

Sports staff have painted a white dash line marking, all the way around the oval. Given the layout of the sportsground,  the outer perimeter area varies  in width from 13m and 10 m (south and north) to a minimum of 4 -5 metres (east and west). The line delineates the oval for sport use and the perimeter area for dog walkers on the 2 afternoons per week when the schools training occurs from 3.45pm – 5pm Mondays and Wednesdays. We will re-enforce the use of the ground sharing with the AFL NSW hirer (who are currently training Shore students there).


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