Scientology bus in Wood St


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Local residents recently reported to Council that there was a bus parking in Wood St for extended periods of time. Council Officers investigated an made the following report.

“We have received the following advice from Council’s Compliance Department concerning the parking of a bus of Wood St.

One of Council’s Senior Rangers attended the site on Friday afternoon 12/08/16 at approximately 5.30pm. A group of people were waiting at the entrance to the new Scientology facility. The Ranger approached a male in a Hi-vis vest who identified himself as part of the church. The Ranger asked if the church knew about the bus BS54EG parking each night on Wood Street. The gentleman confirmed the bus was owned by the church but didn’t realise it was creating a problem. It was explained to him rule 200 of the Road Rules 2014 (The driver of a heavy vehicle, or long vehicle, must not stop on a length of road in a built-up area for longer than 1 hour) and he stated he would contact the person in charge of the motor pool, to advise him of this rule.

The Ranger then advised that if the bus is observed parked and unattended on the road for longer than an hour, Council may issue a fine. She added that the storage of vehicles on the roadway that are related to the property is a breach of the conditions of consent and suggested the vehicle needs to park on the property from now on. He apologised for the inconvenience caused and stated the last thing they was to do is get offside with the neighbours.

At this point the bus BS54EG arrived and picked up the group.

13-Aug-2006 13:00 – Checked Wood Street – all clear.

14-Aug-2016 16:18:42 – Attended Wood Street this afternoon – all clear.”


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