Metro changes

Sydney MetroTransport for NSW are proposing significant changes to their EIS relating that will adversely affect Gordon Avenue and the Frank Chowne Walk.


Read a  Summary of the  Northern Surface Track Works_Project Update.

To assist understand these proposed changes, the proponents are holding an information session. Details are outline in: Public Meeting on Changes in Metro Methodology Info Session


5 thoughts on “Metro changes

  1. We have been trying to make sense about the wider implications of these changes. WE asked one of our colleagues if they could throw some light on the situation. Here is their response:

    :” I think your answer is tied up in the length of a ball of string. The original main truck access point was supposed to be in the Hawkins/Brand Streets on the east side of Artarmon.
    This apparently was not realistic relative to where they would be removing excavated material from. The Ausgrid site has the dive structure partly under it and would have required much more space devoted to an access ramp.

    The Gordon Avenue location has much better accessibility and probably the least levels difference.
    The presenters on Tuesday night will be aware that there is a ball of string but no finite info as to the length or how many strands it’s made up of.

    They will not divulge any detailed technical info.”

  2. More thoughts & a few questions for our readers from an affected resident:
    Why is the Gordon Ave access important as a worksite? Frank Channon Walk pathway construction in 2006 required no access from Gordon Ave (some trees were lopped but not removed).
    Why is removal of 15 trees necessary: is all tree removal due to “heavy vehicles requiring a large turning circle”? (p.9 Update) The 2006 shotcreting of west embankment required removal of all trees from the rail corridor.
    On what side of the Noise Barrier is the retaining wall (piles) to be constructed?
    Will the Noise Barrier be demolished before construction of the retaining wall?
    Will a Noise Barrier be built along our back fence (from Nelson St to Gordon Ave) to reduce construction noise 2017-2022?
    Are the “site hoardings” at Gordon Ave Park worksite 2017-2020 to be a Noise Barrier?

    Any thoughts from readers on whether the Metro Project will be affected by Scott Morrison’s recent decision to block the Ausgrid sale, citing national security concerns? To quote the Treasurer: “The proposed 99-year lease of 50.4 per cent of Ausgrid forms a part of the NSW government’s plan to unlock capital to fund investment in new infrastructure across the state.” (SMH 19.8.2016)
    On a related issue, Malcolm Turnbull PM, when interviewed on ABC’s Insiders 28.8.2016, said: CFMEU are “adding 30% to the cost of infrastructure”. (Note: CFMEU get most contracts from government.)

    A letterdrop from a real estate agent in July asked “Dear Neighbours … If you would like to know how this project could significantly affect the value of your home, please feel free to contact me for a free property appraisal.”
    Please respond.

  3. The following submission has been lodged with Sydney Metro and Planning NSW. Also, copies have been sent to the Mayor and the President of the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations who will raise the matter with our local member.

    Response to changes to EIS

    Sydney Metro are proposing a significant change to the EIS in the vicinity of Gordon St, Chatswood. The new works proposed will occur over a 3 year period and have not been appropriately notified. So, we are requesting that you pass our sentiments on to the Department of Planning and Sydney Metro to carry out more extensive notification and consultation of the current proposal to address the issues raised below.

    There are proposed changes to the closure of Frank Chanon walk which will see pedestrians and cyclists diverted to sub-standard and potentially dangers locations including dealing with large construction trucks and trailers.
    A completely new and additional access to the main rail tracks is proposed for Gordon St. this will result (as a minimum) in around 160 vehicle movements per day during construction, over 3 years with no guarantee that the movements will not occur outside of standard construction hours.
    There will be a major of loss of parking in Gordon Avenue plus negative impacts of the health of residents due to noise and dust. There are also landscape issues
    The proposed changes will likely cause disruption on the Pacific Highway as the large trucks and trailers will need to block at least two lanes for turning.
    Sydney Metro (and apparently the watchdog – the Department of Planning). In their August 2016 Report (now available) state on page 2 that the proposed works do not “represent additional construction activities to those described in the EIS (THEY DO). accordingly, they have only letterboxed dropped residents in the immediate vicinity. Even people who made submissions to the EIS and who ticked the box to be kept informed of changes were not notified. People who use Frank Channon Walk have not been advised (not even a sign, let alone someone handing out a leaflet). Motorists who use the Pacific Highway not advised (again a large sign could have been used).

    So, we are calling for the Department of Planning as the approving body to require the proponent (Sydney Metro) to carry out more extensive notification and consultation of the current proposal to address the issues raised in the paragraph above.

    • I anticipate that “consultation” is that part of government’s decision-making process where new solutions are identified that do not adversely impact on “sensitive receivers”. The calling card “Sorry I missed you” is not adequate consultation.

      Last Monday afternoon 5.9.2016, the Metro Project Update “Changes in Construction Methodology” was received by some residents who will be most adversely impacted by the changes: residents living in Gordon Avenue adjacent to Frank Channon Walk. This is just 3 days before submissions were due on 8.9.2016: not enough time for “sensitive receivers” to respond with a submission.

      Our residents were also not consulted before the 2015 Metro Forum. However, after the decision was made about the Ausgrid dive site, I had a knock on my front door by two Metro representatives at about noon on 16.11.2015 asking whether I’ve heard about the Metro decision (to build it virtually at my front door).

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