Pacific Hway & Help St

A resident has supplied the following recent clipping proposing the sale of the site opposite the Holden dealership. highwayhelpst

We understood that a recent planning proposal for the demolition of the building on the site was not supported by Willoughby Council. Clr. Saville is looking in to the matter.


One thought on “Pacific Hway & Help St

  1. The following comments were received from Clr. Saville:

    Thank you for forwarding the article Sue. When this proposal came to council, it was refused for a number of reasons including FSR exceedance a, lack of open space and general over development of site. It was agreed however if the applicant were to purchase an adjoining propert, it could be considered more favourably

    Many ad hoc applications and planning proposals are approved by the minister, through Gateway, or Planning Panels with consideration of other merits. The Willoughby Council LEP articulates height restriction.

    However the height limits at council owned car park at Thomas St and Albert Ave was restricted to 11 and 14 stories.

    Having gone to the Minister and the Land and Environment Court the developer was allowed to reach 39 stories. About 30 members of the local community including myself made consistent and strong representations to the government and the L and Env court at the time Local MPs were invited to site meetings etc however, David Shoebridge, Greens MP, was the only state member who attended any of the meetings

    This is the site where the former council GM John Owens left council and worked for the developer. The site was then on sold to Meriton. It was very much in the public at the time

    In the meantime one of the reasons I have raised concerns about the forced council amalgamations is that it seems that councils will loose even more control of planning

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