Lane Cove North Neighbourhood Collective

A company has approached 67 owners in Farran/Mowbray/Hart Streets in order to make a commitment to sell their homes ? Once they have approx 75% agreement then this company will go to Willoughby Council to get the area zoned medium density. They are NOT the developers but will be the brokerage company liaising with the Council !
Interesting time of the year to do this process – called the Lane Cove North Neighbourhood Collective – and the company is Franklin Bailie – PLEASE add this to the West Ward agenda for discussion at Council next year

2 thoughts on “Lane Cove North Neighbourhood Collective

  1. I attended the meeting last night it was feasty and I believe there are number of views on this depending if residents are in the precinct or concerned about the destruction of their valued neighbourhood. There was some commitment at least from some people to understand the next steps in the new year.

    It sound like a long process given there is no Zoning for the type of developments proposed in the blocks being considered.

    The company Franklin Bailie are a start -up formed in July by the 3 principals present. So some questions on ‘who the hell are they’ and where are they getting their funding?

    I would be interested in any view you may have as I understnad the Strategic Plan for Willoughby is not planning to consider such further re-zoning until 2030, correct me if I am wrong.

    • The tiger in the forest is Lucy Turnbull’s Greater Sydney Commission and new District Planning Panels.

      A project of this size will not be determined by Willoughby Council (if such exists in the future).

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