Boat Trailer Parking changes

boattrailerparkingWilloughby residents are being encouraged to have their say on the proposed introduction of new boat trailer parking restriction across the entire Willoughby Local Government Area (LGA) through a community consultation process. This follows recent amendments to the Impounding Act, 1993 that grants councils new powers regarding boat trailer parking restrictions.

The changes have been developed to:

  • discourage the nuisance caused by the long term parking of unattended registered boat trailers on public roads – often by people who do not live in the local area; and
  • encourage the off-street storage of boat trailers and free up on-street parking spaces for local residents.

The new legislation relates only to registered boat trailers, with registered box trailers and caravans not included. The changes will enable Council to implement tighter management arrangements in relation to registered boat trailers on public roads.

If the new powers are applied, boat trailers must move at least every 28 days, and must move at least one street block. If the boat trailer does not move, Council must provide the registered owner with 15 days’ notice before impounding the trailer. The changes to the Impounding Act, 1993 also provide Council with the option of establishing a charge for the release of an impounded item.

Council considered a report in relation to this matter at its meeting on Monday 14 November, 2016. The report may be accessed and viewed online at—Minutes/General-Council-Meetings/2016-11-14/

Community feedback will be open until 5pm, Friday 17 February 2017

  1. Take part in our survey on, or
  2. Send a letter to Willoughby City Council PO Box 57, Chatswood  NSW 2057, or

One thought on “Boat Trailer Parking changes

  1. From a resident:

    Why are boat trailers being dealt with differently to cars, caravans and trailers. WE pay registration fees for different types of vehicles. Among other things, this entitles us to park on roadways. We all often get frustrated when someone parks outside our house for an extended period of time.

    A small boat on a trailer is less intrusive than say a high roof van, Why are boat owners being vilified?

    There are other, fairer ways to manage parking such as timed parking zones.

    How ill these ridiculous laws be policed. The boat owner is required to move the trailer once a month for at least one block away. But having done that, say for a day, it appears the trailer can return to its previous position until moved again a month later.

    Rangers mark the tyre of a parked vehicle with a time. They come back and if the time is expired you get a ticket. It would seem with boat trailer parking they will need a different system. Mark my words. This ridiculous proposal is on a course to fail.

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