History of the Lane Cove River

businessofthelanecoveriver001Local Lane Cove resident Brian Scott has recently published his book ‘The Business History of the Lane Cove River’. As a Chartered Accountant, Brian brings a unique perspective to understanding the history of the Lane Cover River from 1788 between the Parramatta River and its headwaters near Thornleigh. Brian is a great storyteller. His book is enthralling.

Although today Willoughby has a short frontage to the river, prior to 1895 the present area of Lane Cove was part of the Municipality of Noth Willoughby. So there are many aspects of Brian’s journey that are directly relevant for Willoughby residents. In fact nearly half of the book directly relates to aspects of Willoughby’s history.

Some of the stories Brian tells relate to early timber getting, land grants, William Henry, Orchards around 1850, the wharves on the river, early tanneries, ferry services, Fullers farm and the Jenkins orchard, the Clifford Love bridge, Chicago Starch Mill, Fullers Bridge and Chatswood Golf Course.

The book is well researched (over six years) and well written. Brian has referenced his sources and provides an extensive Bibliography. The full colour, paperback edition of over 200 A4 pages costs $35.00 in a limited edition of 200 copies. It is selling out quickly. If you wish to purchase a copy, contact Brian Scott on 9418 6669 (b.h) or office@scott.com.au






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