688 Pacific Hway

The latest news on the second application is:

Council staff have advised as follows:

The Sydney (North) Planning Panel was briefed about this application on 8 February 2017. Council officers do not support the proposal in its present form and has advised the Panel as such. The minutes of this briefing is available here: Minutes – Briefing DA2016-425

The applicant is recommended to withdraw the application by Council officers. We are still waiting for a formal response from the applicant.

a) Has the date for the hearing been set, if so, when?

No, a date has not been set. The Panel Secretariat has indicated that a determination meeting date is tentatively available in late April (26th?) for this application. Assessment report for the application will be publicly available approximately 2 weeks before the determination meeting.

b)  Who is on the SNPP?  Which council officers will be present?

Council members:


The Mayor, Councillor Gail Gile-Gidney

Council’s Consultant, Linda McClure.

State appointees:


Deborah Dearing (Chair/ District Commissioner for the Sydney North District)

John Roseth (former senior commissioner of the Land & Environment Court/former Chair of the JRPP)

Sue Francis (Town Planner/ former member of the JRPP)

Assessment Officer: Annie Leung

If the elected Council wishes to make representation/submission to the Panel, this submission will be presented to the Panel by Planning Manager, Ian Arnott.

c)  Can members of the public attend, and what is the process for them to address the panel?

Yes. The determination meeting will be a public meeting. Council will provide a list of the correspondents/submissions to the Panel Secretariat, who will then advise correspondents of the meeting date/venue at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

Anyone who wishes to address a Planning Panel at a public meeting must register with the Secretariat before the meeting.  For more information, a member of the public can call 02 8217 2060 or email the Panel Secretariatenquiry@planningpanels.nsw.gov.au



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