Local centres study

We support the Federation of Willoughby Progress Association’s submission with the clarification highlighted in bold:

Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations

Submission on Willoughby Council Strategy: Local Centres

  1. Existing Conservation areas should be protected: One of the Design principles of this strategy is to respect existing conservation areas and embrace heritage with growth however the Housing Strategy has identified some of the conservation areas for consideration for future development. The scale of proposed development is also significant and may alter the character of some of these local centres.
  2. Cycleway/Pedestrian infrastructure: There is mention of the importance of having walking and cycling infrastructure linking key destinations, however the cycling infrastructure in the lower North Shore is woeful. There needs to be proper planned, off road cycleway infrastructure, not precarious on-road routes through narrow busy and steep streets. Whilst parents walking and cycling with their children to school would reduce traffic on the road in peak hour, some local public schools do not allow cycling to school because of the dangers.
  3. No Local Centre for Chatswood West: The 5-7 centres that are planned are based around existing shopping strips or centres in the LGA. It is noted that there are none of these currently in the Chatswood West area, and given the huge number of residences, residents and development in this area, consideration should be given to facilitating a village centre or two across the Chatswood West Ward area west of the Pacific Highway. Particularly given the growth in population in the Mowbray Road area and the new library down there.
  4. Additional Infrastructure required: There needs to be additional infrastructure (road, transport, schooling, open space etc) before any new development occurs, as local infrastructure is already at stretch point before any additional new development. This has been discussed in more detail in FWPA’s other submissions
  5. Adequate Car Parking in new Developments: There needs to be adequate parking for residents, business owners and employees, and customers in any new developments around local centres. Whilst a number of the local centres have good public transport into the city, public transport to other parts of Willoughby LGA and Sydney are not easy. This needs to be addressed before car parking is restricted to try and reduce car use. Otherwise existing issues are aggravated.


Stephanie Croft

President, Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations


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