Soaring schools

SoaringSchoolNot only are enrollments in public education soaring, schools are soaring to catch up.

According to sustainable, architectural firm DesignInc. State governments are turning to CBD vertical school designs. Schools are now being built over multiple levels (typically 6 stories) because of a lack of green or vacant space to cope with population needs.

The spaces in such schools are ‘integrated’ combining learning, spaces, common areas, natural light, convertible spaces, libraries doubling as learning hubs, and terraces. The boundaries are becoming blurred as education stumbles towards uncharted waters. Designers are attempting to future proof schools with innovative design – adaptive change?.

The traditional school of the 60s (1860s?) had a lot of glass but they were not light. Lockers blocked corridors.

Modern learning environments may not have enough chairs for students who may have a stand-up desk or space to use their multiple mobile devices. Teachers without desks and perhaps in the future classes without traditional teachers? (Autonomous/ collaborative learning perhaps?). Design shaping pedagogy perhaps. Ken Boal of Tech giant Cisco feels that “if teachers  have been doing something for 20 (or 40) years I symthasise. More training of teachers is needed“.

Back to the design of these perhaps ‘teacherless’ learning spaces, according to one luminary, “the spaces were are designing are not big open (empty) barns, but they can be if needed‘.

Source: Verity Edwards,Only way is up for schools, Weekend Australian May 20-21 2017 p.47




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