688 Pacific H’way – again

unnamed (5)By DA-2017/300, Aqualand Projects have lodged another DA for 688-692 Pacific Highway (next to Chatswood Public School). They propose to demolish the existing structures and construct a shop top housing development comprising 2 basement levels of car parking, ground floor commercial tenancy and 37 residential dwellings.

The closing date for submissions is 7 September 2017.

We received the following information from a local resident:

Last week Aqualand submitted a new development proposal for 688-692 Pacific Highway (thanks Jenny for the early alert!)
They had withdrawn their earlier application for a 6 storey building. This was likely because Willoughby Council had rejected the application, listing many items requiring attention.
This new proposal is available for viewing at Willoughby Council until early September.  On Tuesday this week I took a look and include some images below.
It is worth visiting to look at the plans (make sure you are handed two large white folders and ask to see the physical model – required for developments over $3,000,000). As can be seen in one image below, the development exceeds the height limit only marginally. Affordable housing needs, bulk, setback, traffic and safety considerations and some overshadowing may be concerns.
Aqualand has addressed many of Council’s objections to the original proposal in this current proposal and anyone can make a submission to Council. Residents within a certain perimeter will be formally notified by Council.
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