Beaconsfield Lights

We have received the following information on this issue:

right turn light arrowWe promised to let you know when there was something new to report on the Beaconsfield lights saga—happily, there is some movement since the last update.

We left off previously that Willoughby and Lane Cove traffic engineers had come up with 3 options for allowing a right hand turn from Beaconsfield southbound into Mowbray Rd westbound.  These were:

  • Option 1:  This option involves the construction of islands in Mowbray Rd to prevent straight through movements from Beaconsfield Rd into Ralston St
  • Option 2:  This option is a variation of Option 1 with the additional modification to the configuration of the intersection on the south-eastern corner to improve left turn movements from Mowbray Rd west into Ralston St.
  • Option 3: This option relies on the use of signs only (no physical islands) to prohibit entry into Ralston St from Beaconsfield Rd.  This is the least expensive option and has been successfully implemented at many similar intersections.  (An example being the treatment at the Gore Hill Freeway exit at the Pacific Highway where entry into Howarth Rd is prohibited)

The engineers preferred option 3, which they submitted to the RMS.  The RMS has been the sticking point so far, so it’s good news that RMS has come back and agreed:

Willoughby Council has now received advice from RMS indicating that Option 3 is their preferred one as well (signage only stopping through traffic movements, no physical barriers in place).

Council forwarded a project brief to a traffic planning consultancy last Friday to provide traffic data collection, traffic modelling, and analysis services of the existing situation and option 3.  We are not sure what they will learn that they haven’t already learned from the previous several studies, but it’s progress, so we are not going to try to stop them.  Anyway, the consultants notified Council yesterday that they will submit a fee proposal to proceed.

We are not entirely clear on the exact order of the next steps, but assuming the traffic study concurs with the engineers’ views, this should then head to the respective traffic committees of Lane Cove and Willoughby (the RMS-led ones) for approval.  Willoughby has already approved doing this, so it should be a minimal issue; we are not sure about Lane Cove but will follow up.  In any case, it’s slow progress but heading in the right direction nonetheless.



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