Mowbray oval lights


Willougby Council has now considered submission in relation to the installation
of five (5) floodlights at Mowbray Public School Oval. The Council Officer’s recommendation is to approve the installation.

The application was notified to owners and residential occupiers of neighbouring properties and submissions invited between 5 July and 27 July 2017. Ten (10) written submissions, an on-line survey with 35 comments and two (2) petitions containing 84 names and 46 signatures (representing 20 properties).

Following notification and preliminary assessment of the application the applicant amended the proposal and submitted amended plans to address issues raised in the submissions.

The amendments propose the planting of 31 trees along the northern boundary and replacement of parts of the northern boundary fence.

The Council Officer argued:

The application has been amended to address concerns about the potential impact on theresidents of the properties in Ulm Street, immediately to the north. The rear boundaries often properties adjoin the school oval. The proposed light towers are designed to direct thelight onto the playing surface and to avoid light spillage. Nevertheless the lighted area couldbe visible from the adjoining properties. To reduce this potential it is intended to plant treesat 3 metre intervals along the boundary. Twelve (12) of the trees will grow to a height of 15metres with the remaining nineteen (19) growing to a height of 8 metres. In conjunction withthe existing trees this will provide a vegetated screen that will be a visual screen and reducethe potential for errant footballs to enter adjacent properties. To reduce the potential for noise intrusion the applicant intends to facilitate the replacement of two sections of timber fencing that do not provide an adequate acoustic barrier. Together these measures should eliminate unreasonable impacts on the residents of neighbouring properties“.



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