GirlGuidesWilloughby Council has re-negotiated with Girl Guides NSWACT for the use of the hall/land in Anglo St, Chatswood. Not only are they charging us $525/yr rent now, they have backdated the first invoice for 2016, despite the contract being signed in 2017. I’m not even sure that’s legal, but alas, they owe $1108.41.
The Guides charge less than $5 per girl per meeting, and cannot afford this.
Please spread the word to the other neighbours to reach out to Councillors and tell them to waive the fee.  If Guides is forced to pay this, we may go under, and if we go defunct again, no one will be using the hall, no girls will get leadership skills, learn to love the outdoors, build teamwork, or any of the wonderful benefits Guides offers.
Also, if we don’t get this waived, we will be forced to charge groups like the bushcare group a fee. I know you barely use the hall, but either do we – 3 hours a week during school terms, and yet we pay 100% of the electricity ($300/quarter) and water.
The exacerbating thing is thatCouncil Rangers use the hall for lunch breaks, use water, electricity and toilet paper (and often leave the bathrooms dirty). Yet they have no way of tracking them.
Can you please invoke all your neighbourly powers and set things right.



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  1. Terry,

    I am with them. Please write on behalf of CWPA and oppose it and support them.

    I am sure Lynne will support them. Problem is councillors can’t approach staff or it can be seen as intimidating them leading to Code of Conduct charge. I still can’t believe that attitiude. That is one of the main functions of councillors. Why be there if staff are going to totally control the show?

    Yours sincerely,

    Max Menzies

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