Demolition – 9 Centennial Ave

Invitation to show community support against demolition of historic house at 9 Centennial Av via North Shore Times photo (1)

9 Centennial

Update: 22 February, 2018. Due to swift community action, the demolition of the two storey mansion has been stopped for now. Whilst the property was not heritage listed there have been various heritage assessments that recommended it be listed. After recently purchasing the property, the new owners submitted a Complying Development Notice to Willoughby Council to demolish the house. However, he did not wait the required two weeks before starting demolition.

Acting on community outrage, the Council was able to get an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) placed on the property. Because the owner had breach conditions and the property has the order on it, Council was able to take action to get the owner to secure and weather proof the property. This took a few days but Council kept on the case to it was achieved.

The IHO will be valid for one year(?). In the interim, there will be further heritage assessment and the matter will be determined as whether to list the property as a local heritage item. Even if this occurs, the owner can still apply to demolish the property.

Please stand ready to respond when requested on this matter in the future.





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