Free WiFi in Mall


Willoughby Council is one of the first councils in Australia to provide free WiFi access to its community and visitors, with Chatswood Mall in the city’s CBD now wirelessly enabled.

The six month trial service provides 60 minutes of free WiFi at a time to users with a 200 MB download.

Willoughby Mayor, Pat Reilly said the service was aimed at providing support to local businesses within the Mall, and the large numbers of business people working and travelling through the area, as well as leisure visitors and shoppers.

“The free WiFi will be a great asset for Chatswood Mall and the Chatswood CBD in general. We hope it encourages people to come out of their offices to enjoy the mall and its surrounds,” Mayor Reilly said.

“Businesses people can check their emails while grabbing a coffee, or hold outdoor meetings. You can jump on facebook while waiting to meet up with friends, or you can surf on your ipad or laptop while enjoying lunch,” Mayor Reilly said.

The free service will be made available through unobtrusive advertising shown on screens as users log in. 


Changed waste services

Willoughby Council recently engaged a new waste contractor. There will not be any changes to weekly garbage collections.


However there are changes to the quarterly rubbish pickups which most people will applaud.

The new arrangements are:

  • Three free bulk general rubbish pickups per annum.
  • One ‘on-call’ free bulk general rubbish pickup
  • Any number of paid ‘on-call’ cleanups

Full details are available at: Council Waste Services