Footpath Policy

Willoughby Council has an ongoing policy to provide a concrete footpath on at least one side of every street. There is an annual budget allocated that allows a limited number of new footpaths per annum.

In high pedestrian traffic areas Council tries to provide footpaths on both sides of the street.

In the past, in some locations, there have been objections to the implementation of new footpaths (sometimes people want to keep a ‘green’ feel to the street. When this occurs Council will usually move on to another street where footpaths are welcome.


Dangerous footpaths

Council has an on-going program of maintaining their footpaths to the appropriate level of safety. Due to various factors (particularly growing trees) footpath segments can often be raised, resulting in a dangerous lip. If you notice any dangerous situation on a footpath, report the problem to Council.

The first indication that Council is aware of a problem is often when they mark the dangerous edge with a yellow marker. Subsequently, the dangerous edge is typically ground to even the adjoining edge.