How to use this site

The site consist of a number of elements:

  • The black area at the top of the page is largely static (non interactive). However, the CWWPA can be used as a HOME button.
  • Immediately below is the menu bar. This includes ‘drop-down’ menus that are observable when you hover you mouse over the menu item
  • The central part of the screen displays the current item selected either by the menus or by searching the site
  • The left hand ‘pane’ shows details of Upcoming Events
  • At the top of the right-hand ‘pane’ is a powerful search facility. Enter a keyword related to the information you are seeking and relevant pages & posts will be returned.
  • If you prefer to ‘browse’ the site you can do this by scrolling down below the Search facility where article headings are displayed (note however that there are also older posts which will be displayed if you use the text search. You can also ‘hover’ above menu items to see more information
  • At the bootom of each article you have the opportunity to post a comment.
  • If you would like to make any suggestions about the site, please feel free to email your comments to: or you can ask a question or make a comment.

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