What drives Council?

Perhaps one could be forgiven if they have trouble trying to understand actions of Willoughby Council. You always hear that Council is made up of community independents and that their first priority is for residents and ratepayers. Yet there have been two occurrences recently where Council seems to have put money at the top of their priorities.

On the old Albert Avenue car park near the railway station where Council reversed its former decision of opposition to the development when offered a $12 million incentive the Meriton Apartments to allow massive over-development of the site. Council however may stand to get nothing if Meriton don’t fully get their own way.

The second case at point is in relation to the Channel Nine redevelopment site in Artarmon. Council has been leading the charge  about a lack of community consultation. Then it is revealed that Council are prepared to sell Council land to the developer.

According to Council General Manager, Nick Tobin,

“We’re still opposed to the Nine development as it stands.But we understand something had to happen (with Scott St). The only property (it) serves is Channel 9 so it was silly not to include it into their site.If the department approves something we don’t like, we’ll at least get more value from it.”


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