State Electoral Boundaries

State Electoral boundary interim win for West Ward locals: The western boundary for the State Electorate of Willoughby has been returned to the logical Willoughby City Council boundary in the interim map released recently by the State Electorate Commission. This means Mowbray Road (not Epping Road) will be the southern boundary, Lane Cove River will be the western boundary and Blue Gun Creek/Boundary Rd the northern boundary. Several local residents, the Willoughby Watch Editorial Committee and the Progress Association were among groups that wrote to the redistribution Commissioners pointing out that the previous western boundary along Greville Street (north and south sections) meant that about 100 houses near the entry to the Chatswood Golf Course were in the Lane Cove electorate, despite the residents community of interest with the rest of Willoughby electorate. The final boundaries are expected to be confirmed in September.


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