Beaconsfield Lights

A design for the Traffic Lights at the intersection of Mowbray Road and Beaconsfield Road has been approved by Lane Cove and Willoughby Councils and by the RMS.The RMS has agreed to fund the installation of the traffic lights which will be installed by a contractor engaged by Lane Cove Council. Lane Cove Council has called tenders for the construction of the lights and it is understood that works on the traffic lights are to commence prior to the end of June (sic)

Lane Cove Council has rezoned land on the southern side of Mowbray Road to permit higher density residential development. This redevelopment will result in increased traffic generation from that area and in order to ameliorate the impacts of that development the Department of Planning & Infrastructure commissioned a traffic study for Lane Cove Council which proposes a number of traffic changes along Mowbray Road West. Staff from Lane Cove Council and Willoughby Council have met to discuss the works proposed by that study and to discuss a  community engagement strategy in regard to the proposed changes. Recently Willoughby Council requested that all premises within the area bounded by Epping Road, Mowbray Road, Pacific Highway and Fullers Road be consulted in regard to the traffic changes. The consultation will commence shortly.

Works proposed under the traffic strategy include:

  • Traffic signals at Mowbray Road/Hatfield Street
  • Addition of a right turn bay for southbound traffic turning from Mowbray Road into Centennial Avenue
  • Addition of a dedicated left turn lane for traffic exiting Centennial Avenue northbound to Mowbray Road westbound
  • Right turn bays to facilitate turning movements into Mooney Street,
  • Girraween Avenue, Mindarie Street, Hatfield Street, Kullah Parade and
  • Willandra Street
  • Banning right turns out of Willandra street (south), Mindarie Street, Girraween Avenue and Mooney Street

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