Complaints Phone App


There is a new mobile phone app that allows you to send pictures and location of problems in your area, directly to Council.

It is as simple as.

  1. Download the app to your phone (it is called ‘Snap Send Solve
  2. Open the app. You have a variety of options such as sending a text message or photograph.
  3. Select your local Council (Willoughby Council has already been preloaded into the app). The app works out your location (GPS: Latitude & Longitude)
  4. Send your complaint/request directly from your phone
  5. Once Council receives the complaint/request it would processed along with any other complaints (but they will have better information to go on, such as the photo and accurate location)

The app was launched in late 2010 and over 30,000 requests/complaints have been lodged to Councils across Australia.

A news story on the technology can be found at the Daily Telegraph.


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