What a joke – Meriton!

The NSW State Government is currently proposing to change the Planning Laws to give us a greater say in planning the localities where we live.

What a joke!

Under the current system we already have that ability.

What a joke!

A point at hand is the current proposal by Meriton Apartments to build what will be the tallest building in Chatswood. Taller even then the former State Architect’s structures rising above Chatswood Station.

What a joke!

Willoughby Council spent years planning the area around the station in consultation with local residents. This plan was accepted and signed-off by the NSW Planning Department and the Government.

What a joke!

The NSW Planning Department assessed the Meriton plan. Whilst they did not agree exactly with what Meriton are asking for, they did recommend approval of the project with far taller building than allowed under the current planning on the basis that it would help contribute to population targets in the Metropolitan Strategy.

What a joke!

Stop the joke!

Residents have one more chance to have a say. The Meriton proposal will be determined at 4PM, Tuesday, 27 August at the Joe Ciantar Rehearsal Room, Zenith Theatre, Cnr. McIntosh & Railway Streets, Chatswood.

(Note: The PAC has been advised that the correct address for the Joe Ciantar Room is 8 McIntosh Street.)

You can request the right to address the panel (of two) who will make the decision by contacting Miss Stephanie Calderaro on 9383 2112 by 1PM, Thursday 22 August or uyou can email pac@pac.nsw.gov.au Attention: Kate Masters.

Talk with your neighbours, check that you will not be repeating points that someone else will be making. Focus on how the proposal will impact you (and the city).

As an aside, one of the Commissioners who will determine the application is prominent architect Mr Rick Thorpe. Rick was one of the leading architects who designed The Concourse. Implore him not to allow property developers to despoil the Chatswood that he has so significantly contributed to.


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