Chatswood Rotary War Memorial Athletics Field at the western end of Mowbray Road is an important open space resource in the Willoughby Council area and has significant environmental, active and passive recreational value. Council is seeking to develop an understanding of how the Field and its surrounds are used in order to produce a Master Plan for future management and improvements to ensure this open space continues to meets the needs of the community and its users. Willoughby Council has sent letters to about 400 residents surrounding the Field asking how they use the park, as well as all user groups and other stakeholders. A survey is included on the Council’s website under Have Your Say. Also, a Notice has been placed on the site, and at the West

Chatswood Branch Library. All comments received will contribute to the development of a Draft Master Plan for the Field. Once prepared, all respondents will be contacted and will have an opportunity to comment on the Draft Master Plan.


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