Driveway speed bumps

The Federal Transport Department is considering proposals to introduce measures in suburban driveways to protect small children from being run over. Under consideration are driveway speed limits, speed bumps and pool fences. The slope, width and length of driveways may also need to change. They are also recommending the removal of plants and landscaping that block a driver’s view.

 It appears that children are most at risk on driveways longer than 12m, cul-de-sacs, single driveways and driveways located on the property boundary. A study found that seven children aged 15 or younger are killed on driveways every year and 60 are seriously injured.

 The proposals for change have the potential to dramatically change the character of many homes.

The idea for the change came after consideration of the effectiveness of pool fencing in reducing the number of deaths in swimming pools.



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