Opal Card

The new Opal Smartcard being introduced by the NSW Government has run into more trouble. The Opal card is designed to allow commuters to travel on all form of public transport: trains, buses and ferries.

 ImageNSW has been trying to get a system like the Opal card implemented for some time, at least over the past ten years. They have been promoting the card as providing lower costs for travel. There are also other incentives offered such as free travel after the completion of eight journeys in a week, lower fares during off-peak travel plus a cap on daily spending.

 The Government have been trailing the cards in Sydney. Reports are in that rather than saving commuters money, in fact, it is costing them more. One commuter expecting to save 60 cents per week found she was paying an extra $7.60. Commuters who use multi-buy tickets to commute to and from work during peak hours will also pay more. The hardest hit will be yearly pass holders.


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