STA Buses, Chatswood West

stabusSTA Buses have raised a number of concerns regarding local bus routes being disrupted by vehicles parking at various locations along routes in this area. Locations particularly affected are opposite Nos 61 and 67 Dalrymple Avenue, Lone Pine Avenue at Eddy Road, Carr Street at De Villiers Road and Dalrymple Avenue opposite Spencer Place. It was agreed that ‘No Stopping’ restrictions be introduced at these locations.


2 thoughts on “STA Buses, Chatswood West

  1. There were mini-buses plying these roads successfully for many. The service was regular and well used.
    Pity STA ditched these when they took over this route. I would hate to be a bus driver navigating these narrow suburban streets. I shudder when I see them having to back around the corner at Colwell Crescent to commence the drive back up Beaconsfield Road.

  2. While mini buses would be ideal for West Ward it would be a scheduling problem for STA to make use of them efficiently, as they could not service many runs. The real requirement is for parking to be restricted to one side only of Carr Street in particular, to ease passage for buses.

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