Renewable Energy

Councillor L Saville has indicated her intention to move the following Notice of Motion.

THAT Willoughby city Council holds a Renewable Energy Scoping meeting, and that it invites a consultant/specialist in renewable energy related to Local Government.

Amongst reasons given in support of this motion are that with advances in technology, there may be further opportunities to advance renewable energy initiatives locally. Leichhardt has set a target of becoming 100% renewable by 2025.

The General Manager’s position on the motion is: Council has already committed to a renewable energy target of 20% by 2020 as resolved at the meeting of 20 February 2012. That target was determined after careful consideration of the practicalities of implementing the target as well as the state of technology and market conditions for energy costs. A progress report was presented to Council on 17 June 2013 (both reports attached). In that latest report Council is making significant progress in the implementation of renewable energy.

Indeed, other Councils, including Leichhardt, have approached our staff to learn about our successes and experiences.
At this stage a Renewable Energy Scoping meeting is not necessary, however, the Sustainable Environment Branch will continue to report to Council on any advances into the future

That Council not proceed with the proposal for a scoping meeting.


One thought on “Renewable Energy

  1. The following comments have been posted by the Editor on behalf of a reader:

    I have taken a particular interest over the last few years in analysing the effect on the power grid of all the “green” proposals. There is no way that projections like Leichhardt Council’s can be achieved. Balancing the grid and keeping the lights on with intermittent supply from solar and wind is no easy task. There is no satisfactory or practical way to store electricity at the levels required for the grid when the sun sets or the wind does not blow. Germany and Denmark are often given as great examples of what can be achieved. The answer is “They don’t succeed!”

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