Spring St to close

Some time ago, after extensive analysis, Council decided to proceed with the closure of Spring St due to the number of accidents (including pedestrian) at Victoria Avenue.

Staff have now refined the design to maintain the four disabled parking spaces. The amended proposal also retains the 3 existing loading zone spaces, 2 motorcycle parking bays and 2 No Parking zones. The number of 1/2P spaces is increased from 11 to 14 spaces which addresses concerns raised originally by shopkeepers in regard to a lack of short term parking.
Further consultation has not been undertaken with the shopkeepers. The design being recommended to Council in this report has not changed from the concept which received the support of the shopkeepers /. landowners and which was originally adopted by Council.

1. The amended parking arrangements in Spring Street be approved as per details on the tabled plan.
2. That the pedestrian refuge in Spring Street be removed and replaced by a marked foot crossing


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