Fullers Rd on the move again?

Read the Fullers Road Update Report

50k signThe Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has advised Council the the implementation of the surface treatment safety scheme (with some changes) is imminent. Some work is expected to commence in December with line-marking works to follow.

Council Officers report that it is unlikely that a speed camera will be introduced as part of this program of works. They cite a reduction in the speed limit; subsequent reduction in accidents and a new high friction resurface may be used by the Office of Public Safety to deny a speed camera. The location no longer ranks in the Top 50 Speed Camera sites.

RMS will be meeting with NSW Police to plan traditional Police enforcement of speeding.

Full details of what is proposed are available in the  Fullers Road Update report.

Councillor Saville has also moved a motion calling for a Public Meeting to discuss the report.


3 thoughts on “Fullers Rd on the move again?

  1. Posted by the Editor on behalf of writer:

    I have been advised that the installation of speed cameras in Fullers Road is not proceeding. This is contrary to what you advised in your last meeting with constituents. I find this extremely disappointing as you gave the impression that cameras would be installed in the near future. It is particularly alarming because we have noticed that there has been an increase in very high speeding cars in the evenings. Also there has been yet another traffic accident caused by speed in the early morning hours in the west bound lane near us. PLEASE DO SOMETHING BEFORE A FATALITY OCCURS!

    Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Posted by the Editor on behalf of writer:

    As you may have gathered, RMS is back at its attempt to narrow Fullers Road, and cover only 29 potential accident situations, and leaving 85 other potential accidents not covered, mainly on the eastwards travelling side of the road. The logic of this decision eludes me.

    Thank you for keeping me on your circulation list of the activities of the West Chatswood Progress Association. As I said in my circular, I am having a FaceBook page created with a page for recording protests, and I would appreciate it if you could circulate its internet address when completed. I will let you know when it is ready, hopefully this weekend.

    We must get this matter back on to a level playing field. The Administrative Decisions Tribunal has been the place to lodge appeals up till now , but it will be replaced in January by the NCAT, which will hear all sorts of appeals, such as ours. I have had experience with the Victorian VCAT and I am hopeful that we will get a fair hearing, and an order for RMS to stop the narrowing and install a speed camera. We must stall the road marking until January.

    I will keep you closely informed as things develop.

    Kind Regards

  3. Posted by the Editor on behalf of writer:

    Circular 5 – Fullers Road Narrowing – Latest situation – Narrowing to proceed, Speed Cameras NO NO

    A Meeting with RMS Concerning the Road Narrowing proposal for Fullers Road as amended was asked for by RMS on 21st November.

    The purpose of the meeting which was called by RMS, was to indicate to who is affected by the narrowing proposal, the latest plan which RMS has decided upon.

    1. M/s Johnson, Road Traffic Manager, RMS indicated that:
    The Fullers Road surface between James St and Range St would be resurfaced with a new friction material to ensure a non slip road surface in wet weather, starting Early December
    That line markings indicating the single lane, and turn right lanes will then be made onto the new surface, with a completion mid December. In effect the Narrowing proposal of 2012 would proceed

    2. RMS had looked at the number of serious crashes – 6 head ons- and decided that these were serious enough to proceed with the single lane solution in order to slow the traffic down.

    3. RMS in conference with the Centre for Road Safety had decided that there were NOT enough accidents to justify a speed camera, and had ruled out a speed camera.

    4. While the single lane will impact residents, the safety of 20,000 motorists had to be considered and their interests had prevailed.

    5. Traffic modeling had been carried in conjunction with the Parsons Brinckerhoff consultancy (of April 2013) and it had found that the single lane had sufficient capacity to handle the traffic at peak load.

    6. The only significant change RMS had made to the original 2012 plan was the removal of 2 pedestrian islands , and a turn right lane from eastwards into Edgar St.
    A number of questions were asked “how can I back my car out of my drive safely with the double intensity peak traffic in the single lane?”. The answer she received from M/s Johnson was “back you car into the garage the night before so you can come out frontwards”. How the car could be safely backed into the drive when heavy traffic, including semi trailers, travelling at speed – was not answered, which shows the absurdity of RMS thinking.

    RMS was asked for details of the 6 head on crashes, but no details were given. Other RMS generalizations were queried but no specific answers were given

    The statement that Traffic modeling had been carried out in conjunction with the Parsons Brinckerhoff consultancy of March 2013 was queried, as the Parsons Brinckerhoff Reports of March 2013 (Summary) and April 2013 (full ) made NO mention of modeling. In addition, there was no mention of Modeling data in the list of materials supplied by RMS to the consultant. It is the RMS contention that traffic modeling was carried out and proved that Fullers Road in its single lane status could handle peak hour traffic loads without gridlock.
    RMS also contend that the RTA (RMS) traffic modeling report of 2005 – which stated that narrowing would cause serious congestion back into the Pacific Highway – was also wrong. It seems that someone has been wrong either now or in the past. It needs independent assessment as to the correct situation before any commitment is made to narrowing.
    I find it strange that there are sufficient serious accidents to justify narrowing in the western travelling sector , but insufficient to justify a speed camera. In a letter from the Minister Duncan Gay a few weeks ago he indicated the speed cameras were still under consideration, with a low priority. Today RMS said that speed cameras were not going to be any further considered.

    RMS made a number of statements concerning data gathered since my last GIPA request. I will initiate new GIPA requests immediately to get the minutes of meetings between M/s Johnson and the Centre for Road Safety, and the modeling data. As always, RMS keeps its data very secret.

    It is time therefore to get into action once again and deluge the politicians with protests. I am preparing a FaceBook page, with a petitions page as well for all interested parties to show their feelings on the matter. It should be finished soon and I will let you know its address.
    RMS seem to be in a hurry this time to get the job done before we can organize protests.

    They tried this last year and we fought them off. In January 2014 there is a new Appeals Tribunal called NCAT to which we can take our complaint. We must delay the narrowing until then. Give you local member something to think about NOW.


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