Fullers Rd Safety

This is  an update (albeit somewhat tardy) on what is happening with planned safety improvements for Fullers Rd. The first part is the Willoughby Council position. The second part is the RMS (RTA) position. There is also a link to the Independent Consultant’s Report at the end of this article. The most interesting aspect is the RMS (RTA) position.


Mayor and Councillors,

As you are aware Council has been pressing the RMS and the State Government in regard to road safety on Fullers Road and agitating for the installation of road safety measures including speed camera’s on Fullers Road.

Council’s most recent action in regard to Fullers Road was in June 2013 when we wrote the Centre For Road Safety at Transport for NSW making a renewed request for speed cameras on Fullers Road to be completed in conjunction with the Road Safety Scheme. No response to that letter has, to date, been received. Council also wrote to RMS and the local members in April regarding the ongoing delays in introducing the road safety proposals on Fullers Road.

It is noted that RMS is now proposing further amendments to the Fullers Road proposals to address issues raised in the Independent review. It is also noted that the independent review makes no reference to the provision of speed camera’s on Fullers Road.   A link to this review can be found towards the bottom of this e-mail.


Acting Infrastructure Services Director

Willoughby City Council

Ph 9777 7701 or 0417 255228

RMS (RTA) Position

Subject: Parsons Brinkerhoff – Review of Fullers Road proposal



Fyi, details have been updated on the RMS website with regards to Fullers Rd. We have released a report by Parsons Brinkerhoff which assesses the Fullers Road proposal.

RMS has review the report and are in the process of amending the design. Once a final design has been completed RMS will inform council of its next step.


Kaye Russell
Road Network Officer
Traffic Engineering Services | Sydney Region
T 02 8849 2053  F 02 8849 2794
www.rms.nsw.gov.auRoads and Maritime Services
27 Argyle Street Parramatta NSW 2150 |


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