Mowbray Rd Improvements – Update

The installation of the pedestrian refuges on Mowbray Road is not related to the traffic works proposed as a result of the rezoning on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Road. The pedestrian refuges are part of the package of works which were tied to the Local Area Improvement Plan for Mowbray prepared in conjunction with the Lane Cove Tunnel project. The pedestrian refuges were the subject of widespread community consultation at the time the Local Area Improvement Plan was prepared. The installation of the refuges has been approved by both Council through the Local Traffic Committees and installation has always been tied to the completion of the traffic signals at Mowbray Road and Beaconsfield Road. Now that those signals are installed there was no impediment to installation of the refuges which have been long awaited by Willoughby Council. The refuge work is being managed by Lane Cove council and funded by RMS.

The refuges do not conflict with the proposed traffic control measures linked to the Rezoning work. An exception to this was the refuge proposed near Hatfield St which is not being installed at this time given that the intersection is proposed to become a signalised intersection with pedestrian phases over Mowbray Road.

Council has not yet determined its position in regard to the traffic measures proposed in conjunction with the Mowbray Road rezoning. To assist Council in determining its stance we are currently in the process of engaging a traffic consultant to assist us with the following.

  • review of the works proposed by Lane Cove for the efficacy and impact on Willoughby residents
  • review traffic counts data (volume, speed, direction and turning movements) in Coolaroo, Felton, Hart, Dalrymple,  in addition to the intersections outlined in the Lane Cove Council report.
  • Analyse crash histories in the subject streets
  • Prepare recommendations for changes to proposed works or for additional works for this precinct
  • Submit a draft report for review.

Once this is complete we propose to commence an engagement process that seeks community feedback on the proposed changes and consideration of our findings of the above work. We will ensure that every household in the area is notified and would be prepared to attend a West Ward progress Association meeting to present both the Lane Cove Study and our response to it. Both documents would be available for review by the community.

Feedback from the community will be considered and included in a report to Council, via the Willoughby Traffic Committee that will allow Council to adopt a position on the matter.


2 thoughts on “Mowbray Rd Improvements – Update

  1. The “Pedestrian Safety” refuges are an accident waiting to happen. I don’t think they provide any increased safety for pedestrians – (I wouldn’t like the children to be using them) and a danger for traffic as they are too close to parked cars and bus stops.

  2. I suggest a few things for Mowbray Road: 1. (something like) “Traffic Lights Ahead – beware traffic stopped” sign approaching the new Beaconsfield Traffic Lights from the west. The traffic i soften banked up around the curve and you can’t see it as you approach. Even at the speed limit, it is a shock to the system when you see the traffic stopped and realise you need to stop quite quickly!
    2. remove the parking spot at the T intersection of Mowbray Road and Dalrymple. When trying to turn into this street to get home (I am a local), I find people can’t overtake or DO overtake and interrupt my turning and it causes delays on Mowbray
    3. Widen the road at Mowbray School (as part of the vast changes) as you take your life into your hands trying to get out of your car here …

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