AmalgamatedThe recent Sansom review of local government concluded that Sydney Councils will need to amalgamate to maintain strong and effective local government. In line with a number of previous reports, the suggestion is that  there be 15 ‘super councils’ in Sydney. Currently there are 42 councils. In the northern region, of which Willoughby is part, the suggestion is that 5 Councils amalgamate:Hunters Hill, North Sydney, Mosman, Lane Cove and Willoughby.

Currently, Willoughby is a member of the Northern Sydney Organisation of Councils (NSROC).The suggested councils, apart from Mosman, are all members of NSROC. The collaborations achieved through NSROC demonstrate the benefits of ‘being big’.


One thought on “Amalgamations

  1. Proposals by WCC and LCC to increase rates above those approved confirm the NSW report that current 100+ LGAs are unsustainable. Some savings could be made thru improved efficiency (it need not take 2+ trips of cherrypickers and shredders to remove on dead. branch overhanging the street) and prioritisation of tasks on needs rather than vote-fishing or cronyism.
    Some years ago I had met a supervisor of the gatbage collectors who was checking our bins. He had said the cost could be significantly lower if adjacent Councils using the same contractor such as LCC and WCC would agree to use the same type of containers. This year WCC has chosen a different contractor while LCC has retained the same one.

    After a segment of ratepayers had ‘voted’ in favour of building the Concourse it came out that a substantial predicted cost had been kept secret. The then general manager’s explanation: It was customary to hide such costs!! I wonder if the principle still applies.

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